Monday, 15 August 2011

So this is me...

To take my sewing a bit further, as an exercise for my first participation in a kingdom arts and science-competition (Drachenwald Kingdom University, 11-13 of November this fall) and with a push from two Laurel friends I have decided to start a new blog. I have been blogging mundanely (and in Swedish) for almost a year, and i have found that it is a good way to think through my projects, and make them better and better.

My SCA-name is Mylla O'Reilly and I live in the prinicpality of Nordmark, Kingdom of Drachenwald (mundanely known as Sweden, Europe). I have been a member since 2002, and for me the most exciting part of the SCA is the research and improving both garments and skills.

Here I will present my way of doing stuff, it isn't always period (even if I aim higher for every project), much due to the fact that I do have a neckinjury which makes it near impossible for me to do everything by hand. By choice I have gone for using the sewing-machine to sew together a garment, but all finishing is done by hand, and I always whipstitch down all seams by hand too. When it comes to materials I do prefer wool and linen, but occasionally I take what I can afford or already have at home, i.e. cottonthread instead of linen and such. My favorite period right now is 1540-1580s Flemish, and that is the period of most of my garb, and will also be what I will write most about, but knowing myself I will stray a bit every now and then.

English is my second language, so please bear with me and if I am using the wrong word for anything, please feel free to tell me so! This blog is a learning project in itself too... The focus of this blog will be my sewing, but I think other SCA-stuff might show up ocasionally.

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