Saturday, 18 February 2012

Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?

Guess what I am going to do with these glassjars tomorrw? I have been saving them for over ten years, and now I finally know what to use them for... Are you interested in the recipes if it works out, even if they arent period?

Friday, 17 February 2012


An old collegue of mine also has a shop, and he makes cool stuff put of wood, metal and leather. Patrik is a keen researcher and right now he is attending a course in metalwork. As you can see he is quite an artist, I  love his stuff and hope too see more of him in the future! Finish is everything to this man, and his skills makeme green of envy.
Patrik is a very thorough researcher and craftsman, which is something I highly appreciate and I am looking forward to getting my early 16th century belt that I have ordered (not in the one in the photo, but it will look similar). You can find his webbshop Hantverket (the hand craft) here! And yes, there is information in English too, now I just hope he will make a Facebookpage too so I can brag even more!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

EvaJohanna studios!

Bad me for not posting anything for ages... Have loads that will show up here quite soon I hope, but for now I will start presenting some of my friends who do amazing stuff suited for the SCA (sorry Agnes dear, but your rockabillystore Like a Lady may have the name for SCA, but not the clothes ;-)).
First up is the amazingly talented Johanna, who last year moved to Germany for love and live on her craftsmanship, a true artist who makes everything from jewelry to photos and other art. Her style is quirky and personal, you know when you see one of her pieces that she is the woman behind it. Most of her works are custommade or made by vintage materials and every piece is unique. Be sure to check out her gorgeous laurel-necklace which also can be worn as a wreath, you can find it here (as the artist she is, she protects her photos so I couldnt nick it to show you here).

If you are in need of a truly unique coronet, she can make one of those for you too! You can see her work here and buy some at her Etsystore here, and do like her page at Facebook  if you want updates of her work!